Reina-and-Co-guest-post-for-Anchor-and-FlourishPinThisI am so excited to have Reina & Co. as a guest on the blog today! Reina is a business and life coach who I had the absolute pleasure of working with last year -one of the biggest things she taught me was how to tackle my humongous, scary, overwhelming (Some of my projects feel pretty lofty!), whopper projects, and make them manageable! Since she had made such a huge impact on me, I knew I had to share a bit of her wisdom with you! I asked Reina if she could share her insight on creating a plan to tackle those big projects!

Take it away, Reina! 

You have a BIG WHOPPIN dream. It looks amazing and it is beautiful to think about. Maybe you want to have a storefront for your stationery. Maybe you want to go from photographing families to shooting beautiful weddings. Maybe you want to write a book.

But then you look up, come to your senses and realize it’s really freaking scary. And your immediate next response is… NOPE NOPE NOPE. That’s scary and we’re not touching that right now. But days or minutes later, you go back to that dream. It’s a cycle and it won’t stop!

Here’s the thing. If you’re a creative and your normal MO is that you have amazing big ideas but you spin your wheels because you don’t even know how to get to that thing you want, you’re totally normal. And actually, I personally envy you because it takes me a TON of emotional and mental energy to think BIG.

We can help you to take action on your dreams, to pinpoint what the most important steps are so you can have a clear path to your dream.


Creating a Crystal Clear Project Plan

You have two roles in the Crystal Clear Project Plan.

  1. One is the expert in what you want to offer. So, if you’re a graphic designer, your expertise is in design.
  2. The other role is one you might not be comfortable in or are used to doing, but through this method, we’ll teach you to be a better project manager.


Whenever you have a big dream idea, follow these steps. What’s the FIRST THING you need to do in order to start taking action on your dreams…?


Braindump. There are a bunch of random ideas and thoughts floating around your head right this moment and it’s depleting your creative and productive reserve. Spend 3 minutes with a pen and paper and jot down EVERYTHING. Pour it out on paper.


Name the thing you want. Get clear on what it is you want and name that goal. If it’s to write a book, say it out loud, “I am going to be a published author.” Own your dream and your brain will catch up with what you’ve been wanting.


Do a mindmap of the project. For example, if you are working toward writing a book, what are the big “pieces” of the book writing and publishing process?



Decide on the Stages of your project. Each of the bigger circles on the outside (ex: Brainstorm + Research the topic) are the stages of your topic. It requires several steps in order to be considered complete. It’s like having an outline or having a table of contents in a book. List out the Stages into a tool like Asana or Trello.


Assess your resources. Figure out what human resources (your time), financial resources, information, you’ll need to complete the project. Without a clear idea of how much you need to dedicate to a project is one of the major reasons creatives don’t finish projects.


Parce out the Substeps. Going back to that example of the book writing, you need to create smaller steps in order to achieve each stage of your project. One of your substeps might look like, “write a draft of chapter 1.” In your project management tool you started using in Step 4, write out the smaller substeps. Knowing what you know about the time you’re able to allocate (from Step 5,) assign yourself realistic deadlines with a buffer. You want to make sure you overestimate how much time it will take for you to accomplish something.
Having a plan is crucial in accomplishing goals you want to achieve. Even if it’s a pie in the sky idea, it can be done with proper planning and execution. I’m happy to cheer you on through this Crystal Clear Project plan! If this is something you might want extra help with, I’ll be hosting a Challenge to help you take action soon in the Heart Centered Biz Bosses FB Community that I host! Please join us here!



I’m the founder of the Life + Biz Success Coaching Practice at Reina + Co. I help ambitious, creative bosses who have a million great ideas that the can’t seem to make happen. I help them stop spinning their wheels and take action on what’s most important so they become the go-to expert in their field.


I’m a former Social Worker and a Psychology major and have a slight obsession with connecting with people and creating results – back in the day, I also owned a wedding planning business before I realized how much I loved to help creatives. I believe that entrepreneurs wear more than one hat at a time and it’s important to discuss how each role influences business and life in order to achieve maximum success, whatever that looks like for you.


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Take back your life… hire a professional!

As business owners, we try to do everything and wear every hat known to man… until we are simply exhausted. Does this sound familiar? This was absolutely the definition of my life just months ago! Recently, I realized that my goals and dreams for my business kept getting pushed aside, over and over and over… sounds familiar, right?  I remember thinking that my to-do list was just getting ridiculous, and I wasn’t actually completing things that were making me revenue, because I was swamped with everything else. Everything. Everything but actually creating an income. I finally stopped and asked myself – is this going to benefit me if I personally learn how to do this (build a website, work my SEO) or would I benefit more by taking the steps to hire a professional and actually do my job? I began asking myself, is this task the best use of my time? The answer was a resounding, no. Honestly, wearing all these hats was really making my neck hurt – and my sanity was blowing in the breeze. I am a brand stylist & photographer, NOT a web designer, or a SEO specialist, or a business strategist, or a logo designer, or a stationer, or an attorney…. and so on. The truth is, I really really really LOVE my job, and I’d rather focus on being stellar at it, than being mediocre at a 100 things, simply to save a dollar. It was time to begin hiring professionals to do what they do best and allow myself to set my sails on being the best I can be as a stylist and photographer. And frankly – I’d rather spend time with my incredible clients, than another second looking at website coding, or legal lingo. My point is, as business owners we need to give ourselves a break – and start pulling those hats off, and hire a professional –  it will only make us stronger in our businesses! I am here to tell you that it is completely freeing, and reduces stress incredibly. And what did I do with all that time I saved myself – I had time to take on new clients, doing what I love!

Take off an extra hat this week – and let me know how it’s going!

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Anchor & Flourish specializes in brand photography and styled images for amazing small businesses. Not local? Let’s chat – the majority of my clients are not local! If you have a local post office, we can work together! Wait, I take that back – even if you don’t have a post office, we can still work together! I create styled images all the time for businesses who are service based and have nothing to mail me at all! Take off that heavy hat you’re wearing and hire a professional, your sanity and neck will thank you! To learn more visit INFO

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Stylist and Brand Photographer

I’ve been way too quiet over the past few months – things have been a whirlwind and I finally feel like my feet are on the ground again! I had quite a full work schedule this past year –  on the road for 4 months straight visiting family, travelling for clients and workshops, moved back to my home state, found the perfect niche, changed my business name and have created all kinds of new offerings that are underway for the next year! Despite feeling like I have been swept up in a tornado, I am beyond excited. This year ahead is going to be extraordinary!

If you don’t already know me – it’s great to meet you! I’m Trisha Marie, stylist and brand photographer at Anchor & Flourish (previously Trisha Marie Photography). I have been a photographer for many years, but in the past 2 years I have discovered a love for styling and have paved a new path as a stylist and brand photographer! I have always had a natural love for styling, but took the leap to invest in myself and took several styling classes this year, including The School of Styling (blog post coming soon)! I learned so much, but the biggest thing I learned was – this is my niche – this is exactly where I was meant to be!

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I’m sure you’re wondering – why the name change? It wasn’t intentional. Who would have suspected that when moving back to my home state, there would be another Trisha Marie Photography! That would certainly create confusion, and so I decided to look at it as a silver lining, and so Anchor & Flourish was born! I love the name, but it wasn’t just a random choice. I have always LOVED anything with a coastal vibe and living along Lake Michigan in Holland, my view is very inspiring! Two beautiful lakes, lighthouses, dozens of sail boats floating by, and gorgeous sand that goes on forever – it is like being on vacation everyday. I chose to move here and put down my anchor. I feel this way about branding – once you truly know your brand, your voice, your ideal client – you can anchor and build an incredible brand that feels intentional, cohesive and beautiful. View full post »

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  • Betsy - Love the new look, love the new name, love your work, love you! Congrats!ReplyCancel

    • anchorandflourish - Betsy – You are the best! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Deana Uhrig - Hi! Any chance you will be in California anytime soon? I love your work (& your heart behind why you do what you do). I’m finding that a good product stylist/commercial photographer is hard to come by. I wish I was at a place in my business that I could fly you out here…maybe next year! So I thought I’d see if you’d possibly be in my neck of the woods. Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you. -DeanaReplyCancel

    • anchorandflourish - Hi Deana! Thank you so much for writing! Oooh how I love California! While I will not be there soon, most of my clients mail their products off to me, and I style away in house. I’m not sure if this reply will make it’s way to you, so I’ll send an email to you about how my process works! Check for a note from me soon……. cheers!ReplyCancel

C & V Brand Photography

A big congratulations to Illiah of  C & V  , today is a big day as she launches her stationary & branding business! I had the pleasure of working with her recently on styled product photos and her products were so creative! Take a look at adorable these details: whale pop-ups, sail boat invitations & pug envelope liners just for starters! Be sure to pop over to her website to see all the beautiful styled images! So happy for you Illiah, you are amazing! A big hug, and best wishes for an amazing launch party tonight! xo

Visit us here on Instagram Anchor & Flourish to see peeks into the day to day and behind the scenes of brand sessions!

Anchor & Flourish specializes in brand photography, including styled product photos and lifestyle photography for small businesses. Visit our Information page to learn more!


A peek into C & V’s styled photos. C & V is a design studio that offers wedding invitation suites and party invitations along with branding for amazing businesses.

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