sf_pullquoteBefore I became a brand photographer, I remember shopping online for a specific item and comparing it on two different websites. On the first website, its price was $9, but I left right away and went on to the next. After landing on the second website, I immediately purchased the item – and happily paid $26 for it.

Here’s the thing: the item was exactly the same on both websites, but I chose the more expensive option without even hesitating. Which made me curious, so I revisited both websites to investigate and discovered that the product photography was worlds apart. The less expensive version of the item had a boring, plain image. The more expensive version (the one I couldn’t resist purchasing) had a professional, styled photo that spoke to me.

The moral of the story? The visuals we use to represent our brands have an enormous impact on our audience. It conveys a million little details and emotions within the space of a few seconds. I knew instinctively that small business owners needed someone on their team that could help them create those powerful images – images that would appeal deeply to their ideal clients. That’s when Anchor & Flourish took root.

I’ve had a love for photography for the past 14 years, but since opening Anchor & Flourish in 2011, I’ve found a whole new passion for communicating through photographs. Helping my clients highlight what’s unique and amazing about their brand is the best career I could ask for.SF_AboutPhotos

Things that make me smile:

  • Building real relationships with my clients. I honestly love the people I work with, and building friendships with them is one of the best perks of my job.
  • Decorating and styling spaces. I could lose track of entire days decorating. I love putting pieces together and making spaces beautiful.
  • All the little things in life. Like the perfect cup of coffee by a cozy fire, kind gestures, specialty goods and fresh-cut flowers.
  • Travel.  I love discovering new destinations.  You’re likely to find me walking down meandering beaches, collecting sea shells.




If you’re looking to join incredible communities of other creative entrepreneurs, I highly recommend two of my favorites, The Rising Tide Society & Savvy Business Owners. 
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